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The following are frequently asked questions concerning our high schools.

• What are the graduation requirements for the Class of 2016?
Information concerning required credits as well as for sequences and local and Regents diplomas can be found in the Course Offerings Booklet.
Please see the table of contents in the document to find the specific information.

• Why do we use a weighting system and how does it work in philosophy and in practice?

The weighting system has been created by Board Policy to acknowledge the rigorous course work that many of our students take.  Our weighting system has been created to provide a reward for those students who challenge themselves with the most difficult coursework in high school.

A studentís weighted average is computed at the end of the eleventh grade. Report card grades and final averages as listed on the transcript are not weighted. The multiplication formula for computing weighted averages is as follows:
The difference between the final grade and 100 is multiplied by:
   .5 for Advanced Placement level courses
   .4 for Honors and College level courses
   .3 for Regents courses
   .2 for Elective courses
   .1 for Non Regents level courses
The sum is then added to the original grade.
We do not rank students except to identify our top twenty, including the salutatorian and valedictorian at each high school.

We do actively maintain weighted averages as an equalizing aid for colleges.  Colleges and Universities see both true and weighted averages on the student transcript. It should also be noted that Colleges and Universities typically re-rank our students based on their own unique formulas.  

The following example demonstrates the weighting system based on the HHH formula above.
A student earns:
     90 in Regents English
     86 in Honors Math
     88 in AP Social Studies.  
The studentís unweighted average is simply (90+86+88) / 3, which equals 88.
This studentís weighted average would have been calculated as follows:
In Regents English:
100 minus 90 which equals 10. Then multiplied by .3, added to the unweighted average.
(100-90) x .3 = 3  Add this .3 to actual grade of 90 to get 93
In Honors Math:
100 minus 86 which equals 14. Then multiplied by .4, added to the unweighted average.
(100-86) x .4 = 5.6  Add this 5.6 to the actual grade of 86 to get  91.6
In AP Social Studies:
100 minus 88 which equals 12.  Then multiplied by .5, added to the unweighted average.
(100-88) x .5 = 6  Add this 6 to the actual grade of 88 to get  94
The weighted average is then;  (93 + 91.6 + 94) / 3, which equals 92.87

Thus the unweighted average is 88, and the weighted average is 92.87
If any of this information requires further clarification, please feel free to call your childís guidance office.

• What are the requirements for induction into the National Honor Society?

Criteria for Selection and Maintaining Membership:

Scholarship: A Minimum cumulative, weighted* average of 93% or above in grades 8 [high school course(s) only], 9, 10, and 11 is mandated for admission in eleventh grade, and a minimum cumulative non-weighted average of 90% in grades 8 [high school course(s) only], 9, 10, and 11. Grades and averages are not "rounded up." Throughout membership in the National Honor Society, students must maintain a 93% average. Students failing to maintain a 93% average are subject to removal from the National Honor Society. Independent student grades are not included in the average. Early graduates will be given consideration for acceptance into National Honor Society.

*Only AP and Honors courses will be weighted for National Honor Society consideration. AP courses will be weighted .5 and Honors courses .4.
• What kind of extracurricular activities are available to students?
A wide variety of extacurricular activites will be listed on each individual school site. The staff members in charge of specific clubs and sports activities will be found there also. You will also find this information listed in each high school's student handbook.
High School East Handbook
High School West Handbook

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